iPhone 7 mania is real. Since Apple unveiled the product earlier this month, people have been going crazy over the new phone. There’s an insane wait to get your phone if you’re going after the iPhone 7 Pro in Jet Black (we’re talking months, people), and now there are reports that people are trying to DIY a headphone jack in their new iPhones (please don’t do this). But now that the phones are actually arriving in people’s hands, there are some things you should know.


Apple wants you to know that, although the iPhone 7 may be water resistant, it’s not waterproof. Please don’t test this out. Basically, the phone is better prepared than previous models to handle accident liquid spillage, but the phone can still be damaged. And Apple won’t cover it if your phone drowns. So you still need to be careful out there, guys.

Apple doesn’t want you to know that the iPhone 7 costs $225 to produce and you’re buying it for (at least) $649. However, this is the most expensive iPhone to date for Apple to make. But just remember: You’re paying for more than just the phone. The shelf price also includes all the marketing, research, shipping and packaging Apple has to pay for. The more you know…

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(Photo via Apple)