Balayage is the hair color technique that has been, quite literally, sweeping through salons here and in Europe. For the french term balayage means “to sweep”, which very accurately describes the technique a colorist uses as she sweeps color through your hair, particularly highlighting your face. The end result is a very natural looking, sun-kissed effect. While it started as a runway trend, as so many trends do, we predict the blended look of balayage is here to stay.

Balayage is a real departure from old-style highlighting technique, which required rows upon rows of foils. Using the old method, a colorist would apply highlights in blocks. The effect was great at first, but not so much as it started to grow out, leaving us with rude demarcation lines and chunks of lightened versus natural hair that had us running to our stylist as soon as she could fit us in. Or tackling an emergency touch-up ourselves before a big event.

The Bayalage technique of painting strand by strand allows for variated highlights rather than blocks. And this means hair color grows out in a more natural looking way. It also means less chemical is applied overall, as color is hitting only certain strands and parts of strands. If you are caring for long hair or just concerned with the health of your hair and the damaging effect of chemical treatments, this is good news indeed.

So, more natural-looking color, less damaging and better looking as it grows out. What are we waiting for? (Hits speed dial.)

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