Bar carts are still one of the trendiest pieces of home decor, but if you don’t have room for a bar cart or are just over the trend and want to try something a little less mainstream, consider a proper home bar. With a little creativity, you can add a mini home bar to your space no matter what your square footage or style preferences are. Here are 17 stylish examples that are sure to impress your guests, even if your mixology skills still leave something to be desired.

1. Dresser Bar: A console or credenza with cabinets makes a great place for storing glassware and other bar accessories inside. And the long countertop provides plenty of display space for drinks, glasses and a bouquet of fresh flowers. (via Decor8)

2. Side Table: You can dedicate any table space to a mini bar with the right tray. The more tightly the bottles are grouped, the more they start looking like a colorful piece of art. Striped straws also come highly recommended. (via Style Me Pretty)

3. Display Shelf: A bar cart requires a good amount of floor space. So if you’re living small and can’t spare the square footage, take your home bar vertical with a stylish display shelf to show off all your fancy bottles. You can keep it au naturel or paint it a bright color. Either way, this DIY project is exactly what you need to get your bottles off the top of the fridge. (via The Debrief)

4. Office Bar: All you need is a tiny dresser or table to create a stylish tabletop bar in your office, living room or any other room for that matter. A lucite or gold tray looks especially chic and modern, and can be large enough to accommodate even the most well-stocked bar. (via West Elm)

5. Open Shelving: Not just for the kitchen or bathroom anymore, open shelves are the perfect place to organize and display all your alcohol and glassware out in the open. (via Domino)

6. Tray Bar: For your own personal mini bar, create a casual tabletop bar vignette with a pretty vanity tray on top of a dresser. The bottles of alcohol almost look like perfume bottles when you group them together like this. (via Lonny)

7. Radiator Bar: Cover up that classic rental eyesore with a cleverly placed shelf bar. Just make sure there is enough space around the radiator so you don’t run the risk of burning your apartment down. (via Refinery 29)

8. Multi-purpose Furniture: You can really use any piece of furniture to set up bar. An antique desk makes an elegant display, but also offers storage when you need to pack away the party. (via Lonny)

9. Informal Home Bar: Turn the whole home bar upside down by mounting dispensers onto your kitchen shelving. (via Domino)

10. Studio Living Home Bar: If you think studio living means a home bar is out, think again. While it may not be the most glamorous location, a home bar on top of the microwave is a great way to use that awkward space while still keeping bottles conveniently accessible. (via The Everygirl)

11. DIY Liquor Cabinet: Instead of storing the alcohol in a kitchen cupboard, build a cupboard to hang in your kitchen or dining room for easily accessible after-dinner drinks. Plus, the cabinet door gives you a fun opportunity to decorate with your personal monogram or bright colors. (via A Beautiful Mess)

12. Tray Table: Tray tables are probably the coolest bar-cart alternative since they take up very little space, but still offer you the same flexibility when it comes to moving the party from room to room. Just pick the tray up and go. (via Apartment Therapy)

13. Bookshelf Bar: Got a lot of bookshelf space? Maybe it’s time to scoot aside some of those books and tuck a few bottles into those shelves for the most elegantly styled bookcase ever. (via My Domaine)

14. Basket Tray: The whole idea behind a bar cart is that you can move the drinks to wherever the party is. With a deep basket, you can easily move your whole drink collection where you need it. (via Country Living)

15. Wall Shelf: Create a fun mimosa bar in your breakfast nook by using small wall shelves where your guests can help themselves to an extra special morning treat. (via The Everygirl)

16. Side Table Bar: Who needs a lamp on that side table when you can have a little home bar on hand instead? Reading time just got a little more exciting. (via Style Me Pretty)

17. Closet Bar: Take the doors off that little closet and turn it into a very cool, built-in home bar. You don’t even have to add the built-ins; just tuck a mini dresser into the space and add some open shelving for more display area. (via My Domaine)

Do you have a home bar? Do you love the bar cart or have you ventured into new display options? Talk to us in the comments below!