If you’re currently rocking a one-bedroom apartment or other small-space home, then you know that having your own home office can seem like a luxury. Whether you’re looking for the perfect office to DIY all your projects or you need a quiet space to write, we can all agree that treating the kitchen table like our office isn’t that appealing. If you’re stuck wading through work space to find your dinner, it’s time to get creative. We’re introducing “the cloffice,” a little-used closet or nook that can easily be turned into a beautifully organized office. Check out these 10 closet offices for some inspo to create your own.

1. Organization Space: Maybe all you really need is the space to get your papers organized. Put a file cabinet and some pretty boxes into a closet to give yourself easy access to organization. (via Dans le Lakehouse)

2. A Desk: There’s no need for a big, hulkin’ desk if you’re short on space. Go for a petite desk, and when your work is done, you can just close the door on your office. (via A Thoughtful Place)

3. Wallpapered Closet: Putting wallpaper inside your cloffice will create the feeling of a separate room, even if it isn’t technically a different room. (via Kelly Rae Roberts)

4. Storage Space: With all that vertical height, closet offices are perfect for storing any and all papers and materials. Keep yours stocked with shelves and a mini file cabinet and you’ll never be hunting for those random receipts. (via Juutaku Design)

5. Doorless Closet: If creating a gorgeous home office is your goal, then consider ditching the closet doors and letting the world see how pretty your desk space really is. (via Lacquered Life)

6. Colorful Office Supplies: Your desk at work isn’t the only place that needs colorful office supplies. Your home desk wants some too. (via All You)

7. Crafty Space: Makers, listen up. Grab some baskets to organize your DIY supplies and you can easily turn your closet into your own crafting space. Just pull a curtain over it when you have guests over and they’ll never know it’s there. (via Hello Forever)

8. Chalkbaord Wall: You’ll never lose your to-do list if it’s written on the walls of your office. We’re huge fans of these chalkboard walls. (via No. 29 Design)

9. Artwork: Creative artwork is important in any office space. No matter how tiny the closet is, there are ways to finagle some creative touches in there, like on the side walls. (via The Old Painted Cottage)

10. Walk In Closet: If you’ve got a walk-in closet, then we’re very jealous. Make the closet work double duty by converting it into an office that also happens to store your clothes. (via Pink Peonies)

Do you have a cloffice? We’d love to see it! Post links to your pictures below!