If you’re a sensitive type who’s prone to falling in puppy love on Tinder, warning — your heart might explode if you’re right-swiping in the NYC area. A no-kill animal shelter, called Social Tees, in the East Village has been posting Tinder profiles of their dogs, matching hundreds of singles to the best friend of their dreams in just one 24-hour period.

Just a sweet stunt or could this be a sign of things to come in the world of pet adoption? Possibly. BarkBuddy is another app designed to match dogs with forever homes. It actually functions almost identically to Tinder, allowing users to scroll through photos and contact the shelters of dogs they’re interested in.

While it is a little disquieting to think about people treating pet adoption with a quick judgment attitude like they would a potential hookup partner, it doesn’t necessarily signify that the people using the app would be uncommitted pet owners — just like left-swiping on a less-than-attractive Tinder pic doesn’t make you a bad person.

BarkBuddy is free in the app store. If you meet your match using it, don’t forget to check out BarkBuddy’s sister site, BarkBox (it’s a Brit + Co fave).

Would you use an app to adopt a dog? How did your furry friend make it to your home? Share below!

(h/t TechCrunch)