The term “basic bitch” entered our pop culture lexicon around 2014, and never left. There are makeup palettes dedicated to it, and you can bet that companies know exactly who they’re marketing to with diet prosecco. Now, a new fragrance allows you to actually smell like a basic bitch.

Xyrena Basic Bitch Perfume Layout

Self-dubbed “olfactory rebels” Xyrena has created a perfume that embodies all of the smells that on their own are seemingly innocuous, but once you start adding them up quickly scream “basic.” The perfume’s creator, Killian Wells, wanted to create “definitive celebretory [sic] fragrance for basic bitches everywhere (both guys and girls alike),” and it definitely looks like it was a success.

Basic Bitch Extrait de Parfum ($52) comes in a black glass bottle with a studded cap and is packaged neatly in a collectible Xyrena XHS case.

It features notes of pumpkin spice latte, pages from a worn out Nicholas Sparks paperback, boxed merlot, suede Uggs, fresh gluten-free artisan bagels, cold-pressed kale juice, vanilla froyo, velour tracksuit fabric, Sunday Funday mimosa, nail art lacquer, and fresh cut grass from Coachella.

Yes, really.

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(Photos via Xyrena)