If you have no idea what being licensed to ill means, you clearly were not a child of the ‘80s and ‘90s ;) I grew up listening to the Beastie Boys on repeat, “Girls” and “Sabotage” were weekly listens, and I remember very clearly when Hello Nasty came out in July of ’98 and was my summer soundtrack on daily rotation.

So, upon brainstorming this year’s Temple family Halloween costumes, I couldn’t resist paying tribute to the irreverent Beastie Boys.

DIY Beastie Boys Family Halloween Costume

We decided to go original ‘80s Beastie style with this look, though I’ll admit I was definitely tempted to recreate the costumes donned by the band in their video for the 1994 single “Sabotage.”

DIY Beastie Boys Family Halloween Costume

Here’s how to get the look:

Ad-Rock (Anj)

Mike D (Anokhi)

MCA (David)

DIY Beastie Boys Family Halloween Costume

Just last week, the two remaining members of the Beastie Boys, Ad Rock and Mike D (MCA passed away in 2012), announced that they will be going on a book tour alongside the launch of their autobiography. Each stop on the tour will include an exhibition, conversation, and music.

DIY Beastie Boys Family Halloween Costume

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DIY Production: Kayla Haykin + Arshia Singh

Photography: Brittany Griffin

Beastie Boys Photo Courtesy of Getty Images