For some people, swiping on lipstick acts as an instant pick-me-up. Others might not feel their best without their daily coat of mascara or a spritz of their favorite fragrance before they walk out the door. Most of the time, we aren’t actively thinking about how these small, quick beauty rituals that we do every day affect the bigger picture, but it does — a new study claims that those “feel pretty” routines have much more of an impact on us than we realize, and in a very interesting way.


The study, commissioned by Revlon and Fordham University, claims that having a daily beauty routine can improve a woman’s emotional state and improve her love life. Woah — what?! Survey participants took dedicated time to appreciate themselves during this study — something many of us forget to do on a daily basis — by looking in the mirror, spritzing on their fave fragrance, putting on lipstick, taking a long, deep breath and most importantly, smiling. The women who participated were instructed to stick to that daily beauty routine and report how they felt. The findings are surprising, in a good way, and are detailed in a short film called Love Test.

The findings showed that 97% of women in the study experienced a positive change in themselves after adding the beauty routine to their daily lives. Wow — that’s great! What’s better is that 71% wanted more romance in their lives and 74% were more open to flirt. While these survey findings seem overwhelmingly positive and, honestly, empowering to see, there is a maybe not-so-great flip side: 85% of participants reported that they felt more positive about how people reacted to them after they completed their beauty routine, and more than half of the women said they experienced more affection from their partner and that he/she was more romantic. That part didn’t sit particularly well with us — that using makeup to alter their appearance was the contributing factor to a more fulfilling experience for women. But according to the study, it’s not just about makeup: it’s more about discovering a routine that makes you feel beautiful, confident and your best.


While they’re not saying that putting on makeup will improve your love life, they


saying that taking dedicated time to appreciate and love yourself every single day will leave you with a more positive outlook on certain aspects of your life. Cheers to that!

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