You are what you eat… or in this case, drink. R.L. Linden, a natural beauty brand in Colorado, offers teas with beauty benefits in their online store, along with a handful of DIY tea recipes that you can make at home. They claim the teas will make your skin more radiant, clearer and all around healthier… so, where do we sign up?

As anyone who has ever had a hangover knows, what you put in your body really does resurface on your skin. And with places like Sephora selling beauty vitamins, it makes sense for a skincare line to add tea to their repertoire.

If you’re not a tea fan, you’re still in luck: Some of the teas are actually not meant to be drunk. The DaySteam Believer, for instance, is a blend of lemon balm, lavender and a few other ingredients that you’re supposed to steam your face with to help counteract oiliness. You could also brew this tea and then store it in a spray bottle to use as a toner (as long as you store it in the refrigerator). It sounds pretty cool — literally.

And can we talk about how beautiful their photography is? BEAUTIFUL!

What skincare concern would you hope to address with teas? Let us know in the comments below!

(h/t Refinery29)