The number one most awesome thing about this Saturday is that winter storm Jonas is behind us. The number two thing is that it’s best apps of the week time! There are a few apps in here that will keep your new year’s resolutions going strong, including one fitness app that is kiiiind of unexpected, but still awesome. There’s also another restaurant recommendation app that wants to connect you with spots that aren’t just tasty, but also healthy. Lastly, we spotlight Chelsea Handler’s much buzzed-about new app that will get you out of sticky situations. Check it all out below!


1. Chelsea Handler – Gotta Go: Ever get stuck on a bad date, run to the restroom and arrange for a friend to call you in five minutes to bail you out? That situation is now a thing of the past, thanks to Chelsea Handler’s genius new app Gotta Go. All you have to do with a few taps is set your “excuse,” how long before a call or a text comes through and the app will start blowing up your phone like your friend is having an emergency.

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2. Sloth: Sloth is the task management app that really wants to keep you on track. The app allows you to individually set timers for each project you need to complete so that you can stay focused and, hopefully, super duper efficient.

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3. Bwom: For most people who go to the gym on the reg, there’s back day, leg day, arm day and more. But did you know that pelvic floor day for women is also crucial? Having strong pelvic floor muscles aids in childbirth, core strength and everyday women’s health. Bwom is like a personal trainer for that key part of your body that you never knew you had to dedicate workout sessions to.

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4. Tasteful: Eating healthy doesn’t have to mean you sacrifice taste any longer. Meet Tasteful, the healthy restaurant app that is ranked based on how delicious the food it. It gives you access to all kinds of local clean eats, no matter what your dietary restrictions are. And we’ve got more good news — the Android version is coming soon!

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5. Drawing Cartoons 2: Drawing Cartoons 2 brings your animation dreams to life in an extra-simple-to-use app. Create your own cartoons with a few swipes and animate easily with the push of a button. Get creative! Then, share your creation with your friends and blow their socks off.

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