Maybe you heard that this past weekend, the east coast was hit with a pretty massive snow storm. After raiding the grocery store and queuing up all the shows leaving Netflix after January, folks were very prepared for a weekend shacked up indoors. But once the three or so feet of snow had fallen, a few brave souls decided to head outside for a bit of snow-filled fun. From celebs to artists to fluffy pups, here are 15 folks who had the best #winterstormjonas ever.

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1. Blake Lively: For some reason unbeknownst to us, Blake Lively and some of her buds decided to use the snow as a makeshift ice bath for their feet. (Photo via @blakelively)

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2. Brandon Stanton: The beloved NY-based photographer behind Humans of New York wandered around the city this weekend to capture some of its residents enjoying the upside of the blizzard. In this pic, he quoted these boys as saying, “We’re kinda trying to make an igloo but we’re not sure how to make the roof.” (Photo via @humansofny)

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3. Lo Bosworth: Lauren Conrad’s BFF Lo Bosworth was a long way from her sunny Laguna Beach roots this past weekend. To make the best of a snowy situation, it looks like she and her beau went snowboarding in the street! (Photo via @lobosworth)

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4. Omar Z. Robles: Dance photographer Omar Z. Robles headed outside with ballerina Xiaoxiao Cao to turn a street in the Meatpacking District into a stage. (Photo via @omarzrobles)

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5. Allison Williams: All bundled up and ready to brace the elements, Allison Williams captioned this pic, “I think they cast the wrong Girls actor as Kylo Ren.”(Photo via @aw)

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6. Daffodil: Okay, so Daffodil the Old English Sheepdog is not exactly a “person” per say, BUT we’re going to go ahead and say that is pup (whose photo was captured by The Dogist) just may have had the best snow day out of everyone on this list. (Photo via @thedogist)

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7. Danielle Jonas: When a giant winter storm is inadvertently named after you, you have to make the best of it, right? (Photo via @daniellejonas)

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8. Elsa: Elsa, is that you? This storm may have been named after other Disney stars, but it looks like Elsa made a brief appearance in DC to remind everyone who is really queen of winter weather. (Photo via @fox5dc)

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9. Drew Barrymore: Drew’s snowy snap is proof that with the right winter attire and some headphones, a winter stroll can actually be super fun. (Photo via @drewbarrymore)

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10. Scott Kelly: The views from Planet Earth were pretty great, but this epic pic astronaut Scott Kelly shared of what the storm looked like from outer space took things to a whole other level. (Photo via @stationcdrkelly)

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11. Dianna Agron: All the way down in Nashville, Dianna Agron was providing a prime example of how to pull off a stunning storm selfie. (Photo via @diannagron)

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12. Vivienne Gucwa: The travel photographer captured this stunning photo of a cyclist enjoying the entire street to himself in Soho. (Photo via @travelinglens)

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13. Amy Schumer: We wouldn’t exactly call this an Olaf lookalike, but we commend your effort, Amy. (Photo via @amyschumer)

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14. Times Square’s Naked Cowboy: If you thought that the blizzard could scare away Times Square’s infamous Naked Cowboy, you’d be sorely mistaken. The NYC icon was very much still there and literally sweeping ladies off their feet. (Photo via @timessquarenyc)

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15. Sarah Jessica Parker: Seasoned New Yorker SJP decided to stay indoors and whip up a batch of brownies complete with marshmallows and semi-sweet chocolate chips. (Photo via @sarahjessicaparker)

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