Spring is creeping up on us, and we can鈥檛 wait for everything to come to life again. The trees will be getting their leaves, gardens will be in bloom鈥 and babies will be born. Really, if there was ever a perfect season for giving birth, it鈥檚 spring. Congratulations, almost mama! Here are some perfect names for your March baby.


Girl Names

1. Persephone: Why not name your new little girl after the goddess of spring? She鈥檒l definitely be the only Persephone in her class. (And think about all the cute nicknames you can get from this one!)

2. Flora: 鈥楾is the season for bouquets, gardening and all things floral. It feels only right that your little bud would be named Flora.

3. Cindy: Disney鈥檚 new Cinderella opens in theaters on March 13, and now that we think of it, Cindy is a name you don鈥檛 hear too often. Maybe it鈥檚 time to bring it back.

4. Erin: The name Erin is a rough English translation of the Irish word for their beloved country. If you鈥檙e of Irish descent, Erin is an obvious choice for your tiny leprechaun.

5. Emerald: If there鈥檚 a color for March, it鈥檚 green, from all the blooming plants to Irish pride on St. Patrick鈥檚 Day. Name your baby after the greenest gem around to honor everything that makes March great.

Boy Names

1. Ravi: Did you know a total solar eclipse is happening on March 20? Seems like the perfect season to name your new son the Sanskrit work for 鈥渟un.鈥

2. Ben: Death Cab for Cutie makes a triumphant return on March 31 with their first new album in four years. If you鈥檙e a fan, now would be the time to name your new baby after the enigmatic lead singer.

3. Kurt: Glee finally comes to an end this month, and the cultural phenomenon sparked a new interest in a capella. Why not name your little boy after one of the show鈥檚 most inspiring characters?

4. Neo: This name means 鈥渘ew鈥 in Latin. Is there anything newer than a springtime newborn?

5. Theo: It鈥檚 a total coincidence that this name rhymes with the previous one. (Twins?) But literary icon Theodor Geisel, aka Dr. Seuss, was also born in March. This shortened version of his name feels fresh and modern.

What will you be naming your March baby? Let us know in the comments!