We get it — job hunting is a pain. It’s a lot of work to polish up a resume and write an impressive cover letter, all while trying to beat out an invisible (but very real) army of competitors vying for the exact same position. Is there a science behind it? According to data scientists at SmartRecruiters, yes. Here’s what they found:

Tuesday is the best day

Tuesday seems to be the hot day of the week for recruiters and applicants alike. It’s the most popular day for companies to post jobs, the day when the highest number of people apply for jobs and also the most popular day to get hired. Monday and Wednesday clock in at a close second, followed by Thursday and then Friday.

Apply early on in the cycle

Data shows that nearly 60% of applicants apply within the first week of the job being posted. These applicants have a better chance of getting noticed and getting in on the first wave of interviews.

The 11am to 2pm window

Companies tend to post new job listings during the week at 11am, and the majority of candidates apply for jobs around 2pm. The main takeaway from this? Apply early, preferably before the 2pm rush. This is a perfect window to get your resume in the door before the rest of the crowd.

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