There are literally countless fashion and shopping apps on the market that promise to change the way you buy shoes or discover your favorite new denim brand. More often than not, however, these “shopping savers” end up overwhelming you, leaving you back where you started — with a desire to spend your hard earned cash, but no clue where to even begin. Enter: Bestie, a newly-launched social media-meets-e-commerce app that hopes to simplify the way you shop by giving you access to all of your favorite stores and brands. Oo, and it’ll even introduce you to new ones at the same time.

Bestie describes itself as “part fashion finder service, part virtual mall and part social network for shopaholics.” And it’s exactly that: A mix of your favorite online stores with your favorite discovery tools and, of course, your favorite social media apps all rolled up into one. And although it can do a lot, it’s extremely intuitive and simple to use.

After downloading the app, you can choose from hundreds of your go-to brands, like Nastygal and Nordstrom, as well as fashionable users and tastemakers to scope out what they’re shopping, saving or tagging. Once you’ve done that, you’ll receive a stream of updates, just like you would on Instagram. Bestie will also scan who you’re following and suggest recommendations based on what they know you like. It’s almost like having a personal stylist in your smartphone!

But it’s not just about following, either. With Bestie, you can create your own profile, upload your own shoppable items and create your own collections. Users can also interact with other fellow Besties by commenting on their products or adding it to their respective wishlists. And last, but not least, you buy items directly from the app.

Other cool extras to note: Bestie gives you the ability to view merchant promo codes without having to leave the app. You can also add hashtags to any product, allowing you to keep track of specific categories. If you’re an up-and-coming merchant (we’re looking at you, makers!), you can set up an account and showcase your products to Bestie users. Sounds good, well, awesome, to us. The app is available to download now in the Apple or Android store for free.

Will you download Bestie? What’s your favorite way to online shop? Tell us in the comments below!