Unless you reside in reliably sunny Los Angeles, checking the weather is usually a key part of your morning routine. Sure, you can dress for the weather you want, but that might leave you wet and freezing. If you’re looking for a place that’s equal parts informative and outfit inspirational, allow us to introduce you to our new favorite weather website: What Would Beyoncé Wear.

The recently launched site is exactly what you’d think it is — a daily weather forecast told through a Beyoncé POV. Head to the homepage and you’ll be greeted with the important question, “Shawty, what yo zip is?” Enter your location and WWBW will not only tell you the weather in your city but also provide you with a pic of Bey in a weather-appropriate outfit. We highly recommend checking the site before choosing your outfit for the day so you can take a queue from the queen.


Today it’s 31 degrees in Manhattan. If Beyoncé was walking around the Big Apple she’d be looking like a true snow bunny in a furry, white parka — with a punch of pink lipstick, obviously.


In Hawaii, she and Blue Ivy would be hitting the town twinning in a floral ensemble.


And now for the important question: How does Bey deal with a rainy day. Apparently, with stilettos, a red parka and an umbrella large enough to keep her and a friend dry.

What is Bey wearing in your zip code? Share with us on Twitter @BritandCo.