Sure, the days of donning tuxes for dinner may be a distant, Downton Abbey memory, but dressing up dessert will never go out of style. These 20 black and white sweets are beyond chic — with an elegant color palette that manages to transform even the simplest creation into a totally stunning masterpiece. Whether you’re throwing an award-winning Oscar or haute holiday party, or merely want to fancy up the end of your next meal, there’s a recipe here fit for the occasion.

1. Chocolate-Vanilla Tuxedo Cake: Slice into this towering creation to reveal alternating layers of chocolate and vanilla cake. The double dose of raspberry flavor in both the buttercream and the filling makes it totally swoon worthy. (via Pineapple + Coconut)

2. Mini Black and White Cookies: These homemade minis of a classic New York cookie will give even the best bakery a run for its money. (via Food52)

3. Black and White Russian Icebox Cake: You know The Dude would be all over this icebox cake. He’s certainly not the only one. (via Curly Girl Kitchen)

4. Marble Cake: Trust us, this pound cake will disappear before you know it. Enjoy a slice with your morning cup o’ joe or add a dollop of whipped cream and some berries to create a simple-yet-stunning dessert. (via Buttered Up)

5. Black and White Brownie Sandwich Cookies: We’ve yet to meet a dessert sandwich that we didn’t like. Pretty sure these brownie cookies swirled with a duo of malted chocolate and vanilla filling won’t disappoint. (via Bakers Royale)

6. Black and White Mousse: Remember your favorite ’90s lunchbox snack, the refrigerated pudding cup? This sophisticated version has alternating layers of dark and white chocolate mousse that are much more grown up. That doesn’t mean you can’t use your finger to scoop out every last drop. (via Flagrante Delícia)

7. Tuxedo Cake: White chocolate frosting and chocolate ganache transform this boxed chocolate cake into a black-tie-ready centerpiece. (via Brit + Co)

8. Cheesecake Brownies: Browniespluscheesecake? Ummm, yes, please. (via Geo Does…)

9. Strawberry Tuxedo Cake: Piled high with a bright pop of sliced strawberries, this head-turing cake is definitely a showstopper. (via Bakers Royale)

10. Tuxedo Cheesecake: Just one peek at this rich, fudge cake-meets-white chocolate mascarpone cheesecake is enough to make hearts skip a beat. It may be labor of love, but it’s also a total win in the value and flavor departments. (via Yum and Yummer)

11. Black and White Macarons: The black and white color palette adds a touch of extra flair to this already chic macaron. (via A Dash of Soul)

12. S’mores Popcorn Munch: S’cuse us, may we please have s’more of this tasty snack mix? (via LeelaLicious)

13. Black and White Malt Shoppe Cupcakes: Packed with the flavors of a scoop shop shake, these cupcakes are absolutely tempting. Be sure to click over to learn how to create the perfect two-color swirl of frosting on top — it’s kinda mind-blowing. (via Baking a Moment)

14. Black and White Chocolate Coconut Macaroons: Forgo the usual thick dark-chocolate dip in favor of a drizzle that’s twice as fun. These coconutty bites have not one, but two kinds of chocolate. (via Amanda K. by the Bay)

15. Black and White Truffles: A favorite store-bought black and white sandwich cookie is hidden in the center of these truffles to create a totally on-point sweet. (via Betty Crocker)

16. Wintergreen Ice Cream: Featuring foraged wintergreen, this pure-white, mint-flavored ice cream studded with dark chocolate is unlike any scoop sold by the pint. (via Honest Food)

17. Cream-Filled Chocolate Cupcakes: Packed with the flavors of rich chocolate and creamy marshmallow, these confections improve upon a childhood classic. And don’t worry, gluten-free peeps, we have you covered, too. (via Bakingdom)

18. Black Forest Pavlova (Gluten-Free): This gorgeous meringue cake features a ton of dark chocolate, piles of fluffy whipped cream and a nice sprinkle of chopped nuts. With more than a few almost-black cherries on top, there’s a bit of a sundae-like feel to it. (via The Cook Who Knew Nothing)

19. Ice Cream Layer Cake: A handful of sprinkles adds a touch of funfetti-inspired flair to the ice cream layers in this chocolate chip-studded white cake. No frosting makes it an easy-peasy homemade treat. (via Brit + Co)

20. Heavenly Chocolate Cake Roll: Sure, this heavenly, oversized Ho-Ho is big enough to share, but would it really be so wrong to be a little devious and keep it all to ourselves? (via Smitten Kitchen)

Which of these jaw-dropping black and white sweets would you like to take a bite out of first? Share your faves with us in the comments!