The high-tech keyboards of today are nothing like those of days past. From keyboards made for one-handed texters to Google’s fancy new Gboard, it seems like there are a dozen new options every month, and gone are the little buttons of yore. BlackBerry added another nail to the keyboard coffin by confirming that it will stop producing its Classic phone, one of the last of a dying breed: phones with keyboards.

Man using BlackBerry smartphone

Although a previous report said that BlackBerry would discontinue all of its phones with keyboards, the company told TechCrunch that it would only stop producing the Classic, the OG phone we all know and love — and the only BlackBerry still standing with a keyboard that takes up most of the phone’s surface area. But several of the company’s other phones (and their tap-able buttons) are safe… for now.

BlackBerry has said that the move away from keyboards has more to do with operating systems. BlackBerry is transitioning to a cross-platform phone model, where customers are able to use their phones on either the BlackBerry OS or Android, depending on personal preference.

This move could mark the definitive end of the keyboard, possibly even for computers. Increasingly companies are looking toward alternatives, like a projected surface keyboard, that we could all be using in the future. The clacking of nails against a keyboard could be a thing of the past, so enjoy the sound while you still can.

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(h/t TechCrunch; photo via Getty)