There are a lot of upsides to having a bigger display on your iPhone — videos are way better to stream (you could even catch everything that’s coming to Netflix in May), you don’t have to hold your phone six inches from your face to read an email and it’s undeniable that taking, editing and viewing pics is much easier. The downside for Plus owners is one-handed texting is just not doable anymore — unless you’re Shaq or something. Never fear! Microsoft is here to save the day.


Meet Word Flow, Microsoft’s nifty new keyboard that is MADE for one-handed texters. Sure, this awesome keyboard has been available to Windows Phone users for some time now, but it’s FINALLY landed in the App Store today (and should be debuting in the Google Play store soon).

One cool feature of Word Flow is the ability to set your own wallpaper — you can either use one of the preloaded options or your own pic. Word Flow is also a predictive AI keyboard, which means swiping the letters can help the app determine the word you’re trying to type. Using artificial intelligence, Word Flow will actually learn the words you use the most and how you swipe for them in order to give you better predictions. Talk about customization!


But the best part is Arc mode. Whether you’re a lefty or a righty, the keyboard will actually migrate to the bottom left or right corner of your display in an arc shape, allowing you easy access to all the keys. That’s just straight-up genius.

Plus, enabling the keyboard is as easy as setting up your emoji keyboard. After you download the app, just go to Settings > General > Keyboards. Then, tap on “Keyboards” at the top of the screen, “Add New Keyboard” and select Word Flow.

Yep, one-handed texting is back, baby.

DL It: Free on iOS

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