We absolutely love new party ideas – from themes to food to décor – and although we’re still eagerly and excitedly planning a unicorn party for every possible occasion we can think of, we now have some new party-planning inspiration. Queen Beyoncé’s little princess turned four years old back in January, and just yesterday the mighty B shared pics of the event that seems more like a wondrous dream than real life. With sparkly wings, a rainbow of dresses for the pint-sized guests, and even two fairy-ladies showing up, this was a bday fit for Beyoncé’s growing baby girl.

Interested in throwing your own fairy-themed party like the one that Beyoncé threw for Blue Ivy? Of course you are! Here’s how to do just that:

1. Create a space that looks like something out of the sweetest dream you’ve ever had. Astroturf, forts and throw pillows go a LONG WAY, people.

2. Provide sparkly wings and pretty princess dresses for all of your tiny toddler fairy-wannabe guests. Or, y’know, their grownup equivalents ;)

3. Have entertainment and games ready. Sure, you could bob for apples, but why do that when you could have awesome bows and arrows at the ready for your fierce friends?!

4. Have real life fairies show up to surprise and charm the giddy, giggly guests. Even if said fairies are just your BFFs in costume, you can’t really go wrong.

5. And, of course, you’ll need a super adorable birthday girl. Whether she’s four or 34, you know your guest of honor will be into it ;)

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(h/t Cosmopolitan, photos via Beyonce.com)