One Swedish design company is trying to change the stigma around breastfeeding in public by creating an awesome 2-in-1 garment that functions as a stroller cover and a breastfeeding coverup. It’s called Bon’Sho, and if it raises enough funds on Kickstarter, it could make a huge difference for new moms everywhere.


The structured pouch can slip over any stroller, buggy or bassinet to keep babies calm and protect their privacy. The Bon’Sho easily transforms into a coverup for feeding, with a silicone band that structures the neckline of the fabric, creating a screen from the public while still allowing moms to peek in and check on baby.


It’s a pretty smart idea. And if you want to get yours, it will cost you $190 over on Kickstarter. A small price to pay for privacy? We’ll let the new moms of the world be the judges of that.

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