Lisa Says Gah is an e-commerce boutique based in San Francisco that places a premium on designers who source their clothing ethically and produce high-quality clothing that is as artistic as it is mindful. As October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the online store has decided to start a shop where they sell all things breast-related for charity. They’re calling it the “Boob Talk and Shop,” and it is inspired by one of their friends, Amanda Niello, who is currently battling breast cancer.


Amanda is the voice behind the ingenious blog Thanks I Have Cancer where she shares her experiences with chemo, its side effects and more. Inspiring and funny, Amanda is total #girlboss, even in the face of a life-changing diagnosis. The best part is that 100 percent — yes, you read that right — of proceeds from the charity Boob Shop will be donated to the UCSF Breast Cancer Research Foundation, where Amanda is currently a patient. Check out some of the awesome, booby-licious offerings from the Boob Shop below!


1. Isaac Nicholes Tanline Pot ($75): This brilliant little vase is actually hand thrown and painted in New York City, so you know each one is unique — just like breasts.


2. In God We Trust “Sweet Tits” Brass Necklace ($48): This cheeky little brass necklace from In God We Trust is the perfect piece of jewelry for anyone who supports breast cancer research.


3. Oroma Elewa Boob Sketch Tee ($48): This abstract Oroma Elewa tee is super chic and classic. You’ll get a closet staple and know that your money is going to a good cause.


4. Casual Seance Boob Wall Hangings ($120): These adorable handmade wall hanging are perfect conversation starters — “Hey, are those breasts on your wall?” “Why yes, let me tell you about the breast cancer research foundation I supported when I bought them.”


5. Cold Picnic Private Parts Rug ($264): This shaggy Private Parts rug is just the cozy thing you’re going to want under your feet this chilly season. It’s also 100 percent wool and handmade in Brooklyn.


6. Elizabeth Lever Esther-Evening Sand Art ($280): Inspired by Matisse, each of these abstract forms are cut by hand from painted paper and mounted on archival-quality paper. Gorgeous.


7. Cold Picnic Boob Pillow ($68): Cuddle up with this indigenous craft-inspired boob pillow that is the perfect amalgamation of modernism and minimalism.

Will you be checking out or buying anything from the Boob Shop? Tell us in the comments below!

(Photos via Lisa Says Gah)