Whether your kids are learning how to read or just listening to a bedtime story, sometimes storytelling needs a little boost. When we were young, this often came in the form of a pop-up book. But in the current technological age? It’s a whole ‘nother story. Introducing BooksARalive, a publishing company that brings books to life via a good ol’ smartphone or tablet. Through a combinationof children’s literature and augmented technology, your kids are now able to navigate the storybook world with the simple touch of a finger.


Originally from Spain, BooksARalive recently made its way over to the States and is now easily accessible to Americans. Each of their picture books comes with a digital edition, which can be accessed via a downloaded app. Kids can interact with the story by tapping on the characters and reading on the app. There’s even an option to read in multiple languages — bilingual education FTW!


As the company’s website says, BooksARalive really is “at the forefront” of uniting traditional children’s literature with innovative technology. Not only does this invention add excitement and creativity to kids’ overall reading experience, but it also gives teachers and parents new ways to keep up with the times. Instead of borrowing your iPad to play Angry Birds, your kids might now grab it to read stories and play the educational games that BooksARalive created.


It’s incredible to think about how much the simple act of reading a picture book has changed over the last couple decades, but even more incredible to think about how this’ll change reading for kids. Will experiencing an augmented reality breed a new generation of bookworms? BooksARalive certainly thinks so. With their collection of storybooks becoming increasingly available on Amazon, there’s really only one way to find out!

Would you prefer this augmented reading experience over a traditional one for your kids? Share your choice with us in the comments below.

(Photos via BooksARalive)