For the guy or girl who loves nothing more than curling up with a good book, diving into a novel or settling down with a short story, this list is holiday shopping gold. Here are 21 of our top picks for book lovers, from books themselves to all sorts of book-themed accessories. So push those wire-frame glasses up your nose and get ready to read through the ultimate gift guide for any bookworm.


1. Finish This Book ($11): An interactive book experience lets you write the story you want to read, thanks to fun and thought-provoking instructions. Let your imagination run wild!


2. Oyster Subscription ($9.95 a month): Like Netflix for ebooks, Oyster gives the gift that keeps on giving — to the tune of unlimited access to half a million reads on any and all iOS and Android devices. If Belle was a tablet-toting commuter, this would be the BEST gift for her. Ever.


3. Custom Ex Libris Stamp ($110): Never worry about a friend “borrowing” a book (and not returning it) with these smart handmade stamps. We won’t deny it — the idea of stamping all of our favorites with our name sounds pretty amazing.


4. Classic Books USB ($30): Get 3,000 (that’s not a typo) of the oldest and best books out there, all stored on a tiny USB. From Dickens to Austen, you’ve got plenty of options and lots of reading to do.


5. Past My Bedtime Pillow (35): Raise your hand if you’re guilty of doing this. Yup, looks like everyone is.


6. Library Embosser ($26): If stamps like the one above aren’t your cup of tea, snag this embosser to certify each book that belongs in your library, and keep would-be book-snatchers away.


7. Edgar Allan Poe-Ka Dots Bag (12): If the punny title doesn’t make you wanna snag this bag, how about the fact that it’s a perfect size for holding pencils and post-its?


8. DIY Clock book (Free!): Our Brit is a well-known book lover, but even she has some old copies lying around that aren’t fit for reading anymore. Repurpose your old treasures by turning them into stylish clocks with this tutorial!


9. Book Lamp ($15): Sure, everyone has their favorite reading lamp, but how about a lamp that’s also a book? We love this steam punk interpretation.


10. Book Hook ($40): No one ever wants to lose their spot in a good book. Hang your novel over this ingenious hook for a pretty (and functional) accessory when you aren’t reading.


11. Good Read Book Ends ($33): The perfect way to keep the books in your overflowing library from tumbling over one another.


12. Hamlet Leggings ($75): Can’t go anywhere without your precious Shakespeare? Wear this classic tale — full of tragedy, conspiracy, murder and madness — so you can sneak a read at any time.


13 . Banned Book Match Set ($8): These cheeky matchbooks, which represent books that were once banned across the country, are stored in a cute “out of print” box for safekeeping.


14. Lumio Book Lamp ($190): This gorgeous lamp is shaped like an open book, with paper thin “pages” of light to illuminate your late-night reading sessions.


15. Bibliotheque Candle ($80): A candle that claims to make your house smell like an old European library? Yes please!


16. Owl Typewriter Dictionary Print ($7): It’s a dictionary page, it’s an owl, it’s art? We’re not sure where the inspiration for this came from, but we love its charm.


17. Cassette Bookmark ($6): Go super old school with these tiny (and adorable) cassette tape bookmarks.


18. Book Clutch: For this chic DIY all you need is an old book (try grabbing one with a cool gilded cover from a thrift store) and a little creativity and soon you’ll have an adorable new bag.


19. “I Love Murakami” Shirt ($20): Readers in the know on this quirky author’s literary themes will love this tongue and cheek shirt.


20. Wicked Witch Bookmark ($19): Give the wicked witch the end she deserves with a slightly morbid and funny bookmark. Bonus points if you put it in your copy of The Wizard of Oz.


21. Wooden Book Display Shelves ($150): Let the favorites from your collection get a moment in the spotlight thanks to these minimalist shelves.

Which of these bookworm gifts do you hope to find under your tree this year? Tell us in the comments below!