There are only two occasions to buy D batteries: 1) Smoke detectors (nobody wants to hear those high pitched beeps) and 2) Old school boomboxes! Sometimes a #TBT calls for some Aaliyah, Boyz II Men and Destiny’s Child. And what better way to play throwback music than on a huge vintage boombox? The only thing is… sound quality isn’t that great and no one likes paying $15 for a pack of four D batteries. That’s why there’s BoomCase.


We’re going to have to put our Mini Jamboxes to the side (just for a sec) in order to make room for the BoomCase. At first glance it looks like the granddaddy of speakers, but you’ll be surprised to find out that this piece of tech marries old and new. Each speaker is made from repurposed vintage suitcases, equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery and HiFi sound quality that’ll blow any audiophile away. Simply charge, plug in your AUX cable and you’re ready to play all your jams for the next 18 hours on a single charge.


Because BoomCase uses only repurposed vintage suitcases, every speaker is different, from the Rugged Blaster to the BomberMan and everything in between. There are even awesomely unique BoomCases such as the BoomSuit, which is a retro plaid sports blazer that has six built-in, full-range speakers. But even with the BoomSuit, your outfit would not be complete without a BoomSatchel.


Each BoomCase is in partnership with earth-friendly, luxury tech-cessories maker Reveal. For every product Reveal sells, it donates a portion of the profit to American forests. Purchasing a BoomCase plants a tree and helps to restore ecosystems. BoomCase goes the extra sustainability mile by only using recyclable and biodegradable packing materials.


Because every BoomCase is different, prices range from $100 to over $4,000. You can check out all 26 pages of different BoomCases on their website. Oh, and if you love to travel, you’ll be happy to know that the BoomCase is TSA-friendly ;) Now let’s bump those throwbacks!

Which BoomCase model is your favorite? Where will you take your BoomCase? Tell us in the comments!