What happens when iconic pieces by the elusive street artist Banksy collide headfirst with a pile of LEGOs? Bricksy, of course.

Created by photographer Jeff Friesen of A Brick Fantastic, this series gives some of Banksy’s most famous works a serious rework. They become poppy, colorful pieces… and somehow that actually makes them quite a bit darker.

As Friesen told Mashable, “After constructing an apocalyptic urban wasteland out of LEGO you either have to laugh or contemplate what weird turns your life is taking.” We’d say it’s a little bit of both there — and we love the level of detail that goes into each of these carefully constructed scenes.

Friesen is also the builder behind 50 States of LEGO, one of our favorite LEGO projects around! Be sure to check out all of his LEGO awesomeness on The Brick Fantastic.

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