When it comes to winter, you know a few things hold true: It gets really cold really fast, it gets darker earlier and our style — for both clothes and beauty — tends to go along for the ride. As much as the deep, dark hues are fun to play with — they’re bold, rich and daring — there’s a new trend catching on in the Insta-universe that’s going against the moody grain. Instababes are going bronde for the winter. You know, that perfect combination of gold and brunette that almost makes your hair glow. Not only will it lighten your hair and bring life to your all ball black ensemble, but it’s really an amazing way to embrace what little sun we do have until April comes peeking around the corner. See how these 14 women embrace this dreamy hair color trend below, then, since the hue looks flawless on everyone, start scheming your perfect version of bronde for your own locks.


1. @sincerelyjules: Jules gives the term bed head the ultimate facelift with her messy bronde locks and fresh face. (Photo via @sincerelyjules )


2. @garypeppergirl: This Australian blogger had a solid, dark mane a few months ago, but is sporting a bronder hue that contrasts with her natural dark roots. Just like her outfit, this hair color combo is super bold and minimalistic, and it screams #girlboss. (Photo via @garypeppergirl)


3. @tesschristinexo: Don’t let this YouTube star fool you: She might be snuggled up for fall, but her hair is screaming summer with those killer beach wave vibes. Let your own head of hair shimmer with tips of light blonde and crunch with dynamic texture waves. (Photo via @tesschristinexo)


4. @griffinarnlund: It’s hard not to swoon over Griffin’s head of curls. The almost platinum blonde tips are a must for winter —it’ll look super chic underneath an oversized beanie or pinned up in a top knot bun. (Photo via @griffinarnlund)


5. @tuulavintage: Steal this hair inspo if you want to feel like you are on vacation all winter long. (Photo via @tuulavintage)


6. @samanthmarieofficial: If you’re a member of #teambangs, then make sure you try this ombré effect. With a mean cat-eye and a neutral lip, it’s really hard not to want to copy this London blogger’s look. (Photo via @samanthmarieofficial)


7. @prettylittlefawn: Courtney is really bringing it on with her hair color this season. While lighter shades of blonde shape her face, an auburn hues mask throughout as it contrasts with her darker roots. It’s really a beauty dream come true. (Photo via @prettylittlefawn)


8. @chiaraferragni: Bombshell alert! Chiara took a piece of California with her and sprinkled it all over her hair. It’s super playful and has a crap load of dimension. Blondes definitely will have more fun with this look. (Photo via @chiaraferragni:)


9. @scarlettleithold: When you’re not really sure if you want to go completely bronde, give this look a go for a great way to transition from dark to light. Scarlett still embraces the dark side with the hue underneath all that beautiful blonde locks that are swimming on top. (Photo via @scarlettleithold)


10. @kristina_bazan: Kristina’s hair color is so on point it perfectly matches the hue of fallen leaves. We’re obsessed with this straight and sleek look, or take it up a notch by curling the ends and breaking it up with your fingers to get wild, loose curls with a lot of dimension and flare. (Photo via @kristina_bazan)

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 12.39.16 PM

11. @monicastylemuse: Praise the hair gods with these beauty tresses. They truly compliment Monica’s skin tone by really brighting up her face — and that is never a bad thing. (Photo via @monicastylemuse)

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 12.39.39 PM

12. @margoandme: If you’re more of a girly-girl, give Jenny’s look a spin. It’s trés chic and it’s looks even better with hints of lighter shades of brown throughout. (Photo via @margoandme)

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 12.40.07 PM

13. @nicoleloher: Bronde paired with a berry lip? This is a cool girl after our own hearts. Nicole here is drunk in love with a new look, not just with color but also cutting off a few inches. A fresh start is a great way to greet the colder months. (Photo via @nicoleloher)

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 12.40.39 PM

14. @estee_lalonde: Celebrate this time of year with a bob full of body and color. When you have locks that looks this good, you can get away with anything, like wearing an oversized sweater 24/7 and still looking polished. #hairgoals (Photo via @estee_lalonde)

Are you planning on dying your hair a lighter shade for the winter months? Let us know in the comments below!