Redecorating is undoubtedly one of our favorite things to do. Yes, it’s a little stressful. And yes, it can be costly. But there’s literally NOTHING better than that feeling you get when you step into a room that feels fresh and new. It’s a sense of accomplishment, pride and, most of all, love! The easiest room to redux is, of course, the bathroom. It’s (most likely) the smallest room in your pad and let’s face it; less surface area means less work. But before you splurge on that $40 candle for your loo, check out this list of 27 budget-friendly bathroom buys that you and your wallet will love.

1. Metal Container ($5): Containers are always a must when it comes to redecorating. These affordable metal pails come in pink, turquoise, white and silver and have multiple uses. They’re great for holding soaps, washcloths or plants!

2. Sea Salt Candle ($16): Bring the beach to your bathroom with this sea salt-smellin’ candle. If you can’t spend every day soaking up the sun and swimming in the sea, you may as well make your home smell like it.

3. Filigree Etched Soap Dish ($12): We love the antique vibe these soap dishes give off. Top ’em off with a really beautiful bar like this one or this one.

4. Chevron Striped Toilet Bowl Brush ($10): Though not so glamorous, every washroom needs a toilet bowl brush. We’ve found the perfect one that you can hide in the corner while still adding to your decor.

5. Rubber Ducky Washcloth ($2): Who says rubber duckies are just for kiddies? We’re in love with this duck-printed terry washcloth.

6. Get Naked Print ($15): This silly print is adorable and a little sexy, which is just what you want in your dream bathroom.

7. Mermaid Cast Iron Hook ($11): Who doesn’t dream of a mermaid hanging on to their towel?

8. City Trash Can ($13): Display your love for New York, Paris or London with one of these super chic trash bins.

9. Medicine Cabinet Organizer ($6): Your medicine cabinet can get messy with all of those vitamins, beauty products and first aid pieces. Organizing it will make your life so much easier. Trust.

10. Neon Glass Soap Dispenser ($20): Turn any liquid soap into NEON liquid soap. Yes, please.

11. Hippo Toothbrush + Soap Holder ($12): This little porcelain hippo will hold your toothpaste and your brushes. Who woulda thought a toothbrush holder could be so adorable?!

12. Wire Storage Basket ($10): This wire storage basket will bring a cool, industrial vibe to your BR. Use it to store toilet paper rolls or rolled up towels in style.

13. Bathroom Set ($3): We’re huge fans of mix-and-match but sometimes a three-piece set will go a long way in a small loo. Especially when it’s white!

14. Mesh Shower Caddy ($10): This piece is awesome for the dorm room, but we could totally see it in a graduate’s shower, too. The turquoise trim brings a fun pop of color and will save tons of space when it comes to storing your toiletries.

15. Catch-All Tray ($18): We’ve all had things that we want to keep but don’t know where to put. This tray solves that problem by keeping all your miscellaneous knick-knacks safe and in one place.

16. Recycled Fabric Bath Mat ($20): Subtly add some bright color with this cozy rug made of reclaimed fabric from India. Swoon!

17. Multicolor Dot Towel ($13): Add some fun to your bathroom with these bright, polka-dot bath towels… and don’t forget about the matching hand towels ($9)!

18. Yellow Toothbrush Cup ($14): There are lots of ways to store your toothbrushes, but one of our favorites is in this sunny yellow tumbler cup. It’ll make you smile and show off those pearly whites you just cleaned =)

19. Acid Wash Shower Curtain ($20): The biggest object in the room is obviously your tub, and every one deserves a beautiful curtain for it. We’re obsessed with this tie-dye cotton curtain because it looks so awesome against white. Perfect for renters who can’t transform the walls, but still want to add color to the space.

20. Striped Bath Towel ($7): Stripes go with pretty much any bathroom decor. We’re digging the bold jewel tones of these textiles.

21. Gold Dots Printed Canvas Bucket ($12): Like we said, organization is key when it comes to the smallest room in your space. Use this fun canvas bag to mask the less glam stuff, like the tampons or the hair removal kits.

22. Bliss Acrylic Canisters ($8 – $17): We love the look of these see-through canisters. Make use of all three sizes to hold cotton balls, cotton swabs and fun bath salts.

23. Geo Soaprock ($12): Soaprocks are all the rage right now. They look crazy-cool on your counter, they smell great and they make killer gifts. You’re welcome.

24. Colorful Hanger Knobs ($8): This knob set comes with five colorful knobs. They’re ideal for hanging towels, robes or laundry bags — and they’re oh-so-easy to mount on the wall.

25. Popcorn Bath Mat ($19): Do we really need to go into detail about why your bathroom floor needs this squishy-soft mat? And if you’re not loving the bright blue hue (GASP!), there are other colors to choose from.

26. Fleur-de-Lys Glass Jar ($14): Makeup brushes are one of those things that are very specific when it comes to storage. Most professionals say to store ’em upright, plus you definitely want them to be accessible. This neon jar comes in pink or bright blue and is the perfect solution. You can also store cotton balls, tweezers or random odds and ends in this beaut.

27. Bison Shower Curtain ($7): This quirky curtain is definitely a statement piece. While it’s not available online, be sure to check your local IKEA to get your hands on one of your own.

Which is your favorite budget-friendly find? What is the last piece you picked up to spruce up your bathroom? Let us know in the comments below!