Sharing a room with your kid brother or sister was like the worst, amiright? But now that we’re older and wiser and realize how much freaking fun old-timey sleepovers with our BFFs or kid sister are, we have a newfound appreciation for double decker sleepers. We’re talking about bunk beds. And since we’re more mature and sophisticated now (at least that’s what we like to tell ourselves), we’ve found 17 dual sleeping inspirations for your next communal snoozing sesh.

1. Sally Markham Design: Hollywood Regency meets Palm Springs style in this super bright and put-together room that sleeps… read it… 12. We’re guessing it doesn’t look this prim and proper when it’s hosting a dozen occupants. (via House Beautiful)

2. Klou Solutions: You guys. It’s so fantastically fab. We’re wetting ourselves. (So probably don’t let us have the top bunk, mmmkay?) (via Battistella)

3. Minimalist Color: Not only are we crushing hard on this simple bunk, with its cutout window and under mattress storage, but can we talk about those colorful vinyl dots on the wall? Must. Have. (via Decoist)

4. Emily Henson’s Birdhouse Bunk: When you have eight bodies in a home, you best be using that space wisely. And if you’re Emily Henson, that is easy. She’s a prop stylist, which totally explains this playful use of space. (via Design Sponge)

5. Three Boys, One Room: Take inventory here. You’ve got three kids. One bedroom for them. And strangely enough a bunch of rope. First instinct? Tie the kids up. More acceptable and longer-lasting alternative? Make these awesome suspended beds for them! (via The Bumper Crop)

6. Built-In Green Machine: Built-in bunks give the two roomies a little more privacy. And this color palette gives the dual sleeping situation a more grown-up look. (via Apartment Therapy)

7. Rustic Refuge: All you lovers of barns with hopes of going off the grid ought to be getting really excited right now. (via AD Design Files)

8. Coastal Cave: When you’re a fashion designer/furniture designer, apparently this is the kind of of cool stuff your kids get to sleep in. Alexandre de Betak snuggles up next to the Mediterranean in a home that he spent 10 years dreaming about. Super inspiring stuff here. (via Home Designing)

9. Anchors Away: Those totally awesome grommet curtains might even find their way onto our windows too. (via House Beautiful)

10. Permanent Bunk Bed Fort: Every child’s (and this adult’s) dream. (via La La Lovely)

11. Design Hostel: Remember when you spent that year backpacking around Europe somewhere between your freshmen and sophomore year of college? Remember all those horrible hostel bunk beds you had to sleep in? Well apparently you should have gone to Croatia. Where hostels and bunk beds look a little something like this. (via Goli + Bosi)

12. Epic Nautical Room: Holy crap, you guys. There’s a boat in the bedroom! (via Habitaciones Tematicas)

13. Double White: As much as we love our color, this is sort of satisfying too. (via Tiny House Swoon)

14. Colorful Wooden Bunk Beds: Umm, yeah. We probably need this. (via Vogue Living)

15. Summer House Bunk: From the antler chandelier to the rolling ladders to the “bunk” and “room” pillows announcing exactly what room it is, we love this to bits. (via Momtastic Life)

16. British Bunk: Did we just walk into a childhood fairytale? Because we’re pretty sure we just walked into a childhood fairytale. (via Knight Moves)

17. Treehouse: Is it a treehouse? Is it a bunk bed? Is it one of the most radically awesome things we’ve ever seen in our lives? Yes. Yes. And hell yes. (via Trendir)

Ready to bring the bunk? Nestle down in the comments below.