Next on the list of comeback fashions: the crop top! While visions of 90s teen idols dance in your head, let’s get one thing straight – crop tops can be an amazingly posh part of your outfit…if you wear them the right way. Pass up any boxy cropped muscle tees or bra-sized shirts – oh yeah, and NO low cut jeans! – and get ready for five Brit-approved ways to wear a crop top, plus 10 styles we’d rock ourselves.

1. With a full A-line skirt: An A-line skirt is a flattering shape on most figures and is also one of the most elegant pieces to pair with a crop top. Reason being the volume of the full skirt gives you that classic hourglass shape, drawing the eye down and making your waist a seem a bit smaller. You could also get a similar effect with a pair of tapered high-waisted trousers. (via …love Maegan)

2. Over a tight or thin top: Take advantage of the loose-fitting shape of many crop tops by layering it on top of tight or thin fabrics. Toss it over a form-fitting maxi for a tiered dress affect or drape it over a chiffon blouse as a quirky accent. (via Keiko Lynn)

3. With a men’s-cut blazer: This outfit is all about balancing proportion. An oversized blazer, especially in this super chic print, creates a slimming frame while de-emphasizing the cropped fit of the top underneath. Extra points for matching hemlines with these magenta sailor shorts – it makes the look concise and contemporary. (via Le Fashion Monster)

4. With matching bottoms: If you’re wearing a crop top with matching bottoms, then it’s practically the same as wearing a dress with a midriff cutout. Not so scary, right? This sweetheart bustier and pencil skirt are both classic shapes that add a vintage flair to this combo. If you dare to go bold with a brighter pattern or shorter skirt, make sure you’re only showing just a touch of tummy. (via Anything With Studs)

5. Under a sheer blouse: This is one of the easiest ways to rock your too-tight-for-daylight crop top. Since bras are too little and camis are too much, then a crop top is just the right sized undergarment to wear with this sheer trend. (via Lookbook)

1. Laser Cut Cropped Top ($39): The detail on this scallop-hemmed crop top is to die for. A traditional crew neckline provides plenty of coverage while you get a glimpse of skin from the cool laser cut design.

2. Cross Over Crop Top ($38): We love how this stretchy crop top peaks in the middle, creating a flashy cutout illusion that we’re just a bit more comfortable with. If there’s ever such a thing as a “little black top,” then this has to be it!

3. Sweet Victoria Top ($32): Channel your inner flapper with this fringed crop top. Not only is it a great shirt to do the Twist in, but it’s also a playful way to cover a part of your middle.

4. Now and Then Crop Top ($48): This sleeveless denim crop top can’t get much cuter. Sure it’s a little wide, but since it grazes at your true waist, it lets you get playful with proportion and shape. Try wearing it with a pleated circle skirt or leather shorts.

5. Shadow Mesh Crop Top ($38): This dark mesh acts like a second skin, giving the illusion that more of you is covered than it actually is. The turtleneck is another bonus, providing additional camouflage while lengthening up from your torso.

6. Lashes of London Crop Top ($60): How effortlessly fabulous is this look? A cloud cut hem boosts both the sleeves and the skirt of this casual and colorful combo (sold separately, but we would definitely indulge!)

7. Lipsey Dress ($50): Okay, you’re just not going to show your midriff, no how, no way. Great news: here’s a crop top suited for more conservative tastes! The flowy hi-low hem give this elegant tunic brilliant life as a layer over any tight tank dress.

8. Easy Breeze Crop Top ($42): We can see this simple crop top becoming a go-to blouse for us. Bell-shaped sleeves and shoulder cutouts give it a breezy boho vibe.

9. Ladakh Tie-Front Pacific Top ($35): You can practically make any XL-fitting shirt a crop top by twist-tying extra fabric in front, but why go through the trouble when you can just slip on this ribbed scoop neck? Its beachy ombre pattern makes this an easy pick.

10. Dark Division Tee ($48): This grayscale crop tee took a dive in the fabric scrap pile and came out a champion. Textures from vegan leather, three different kinds of jersey, and a raw cut hem add runway-worthy dimension.

Do you have any tips on how to make a crop top classy? What do you wear with it? Tell us in the comments below.