When it comes to dating, we all have our personalized list of preferences. Most dating apps offer details about a number of criteria, from height to style to occupation, and help us make a choice based on what matters most. But what about burrito preferences? Why is burrito data never available when you’re working on a dating profile makeover or deciding whether to swipe right or left? The folks behind online dating site Zoosk have obviously been reading our minds. They’ve just launched Burrit-OH!, a mobile dating site that’s shining the spotlight on this often omitted information.


The great news is we’ve got just enough time to find the perfect date for National Burrito Day (that’s April 4, by the way). So how does it work? Burrit-OH! “uses a new, game-changing burrito compatibility framework to match potential daters and firmly insert burritos into every aspect of the online dating experience.” Yes, really. Do you like a classic mild salsa or is salsa verde your jam? Is beef or chicken your No. 1 choice? Or maybe vegetarian? Burrit-OH! will help you find your soul mate based on the 32 Ingredients™ of a burrito order, complete with a user interface that’s plastered with ALL. THE. BURRITOS.

Homemade vegan bean burrito

Basically, the site “calculates what percentage of burrito match you are based on how you fill out the 32 items in your burrito order,” explains Senior Engineer Robin Keller. “It’s not like we’re doing the work of Harvard grads or anything, but I learned percentages in middle school and they’re a pretty effective tool for this sort of thing.”

Sounds perfect, and totally scientific if you ask us. But this brilliant app won’t be around forever, so hurry! Visit Zoosk now through April 8 to sign up, and find your one true love before it’s too late.

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