When it comes to hosting parties at home, we’re all about mixing and matching traditional with non-traditional, colors with patterns and cheese with fruit, of course ;) For this at-home how-to, we’ve teamed up with Target Wedding Registry to deck out our dining table with everything you need for an indoor picnic.

As you create an informal dining scene, it’s important to keep a cohesive aesthetic so it doesn’t look like a big old mess. To create our tabletop, we went with all white dishes, wooden cutting boards and a few colorful and patterned dishes to add a punch of personality.

Mix and Match: We love mixing patterns, colors and shapes on our table. The key is creating a base layer of white dishware (think serving bowls and dinner plates) and then building on it with wooden details, colorful glazed dishes and patterned textiles.

Layer Up: Who says each place setting has to be boring? Layer up by starting with a white dinner plate, adding a coral salad plate and topping it off with a patterned appetizer plate.

Add Unusual DIY Touches: Once you’ve got all your goods selected, it’s time to bring some handmade flair to your table. In our case, we fired up one of our 3D printers at Brit + Co SF and created a set of bright blue geometric napkin rings. How fun is that?

Here are all the goods we selected to bring this eclectic look to life. Each of these would make for a great wedding gift, whether you’re putting together your registry or shopping for your next set of newlyweds!

Oneida Metra 20-Piece Flatware Set ($40): In our hostess-with-the-mostest opinion, you can never have too much flatware. It’s good to invest in a fancy set at some point, but it’s essential to have a staple set (or three!) that you can use every day, even if you’ve got 20 friends coming over for dinner. This affordable set also means you can buy more than one, and avoid flimsy plastic forks at your next big dinner party.

Acacia Plank Cheese Board ($15): Confession: I have an addiction to cheese boards. I don’t know what it is, but they always seem like something we need more of! Use them for cheese, for fruits and veggies, for add-ins at the bar. Whatever you need to display, a cheese board will help you make it happen… and stylishly, to boot.

Multipurpose Condiment Server ($15): If you look closely in the photos, this is that little rectangular tray that has four little square trays in it. It’s great for salts and seasonings.

Acacia Oval Platter ($20): This platter is one we feature time and time again! It’s because it’s so versatile, and would make even a day-old store-bought pie look like a just-out-of-the-oven masterpiece.

Threshold Porcelain Brie Server ($10): Baked brie, anyone?

5-Sectioned Serving Platter ($20): Yes, chips and dip can totally be classy. Or veggies and hummus, baguette and spinach artichoke dip, breadsticks and arugula edamame pesto… you get the picture ;)

Threshold Serving Bowl ($13): Go for white serving bowls instead of clear glass ones to avoid seeming like you’re using mixing bowls to serve. These ones are dishwasher safe.

Threshold Square Platter ($20): What did we say about mixing and matching? Yes, square plates and platters can totally jive with round ones!

Cracked Glaze Ceramic Plates in Blue and Coral ($24 for 4): And now, about that color! This collection of Threshold Cracked Glaze dishware is one of our favorites from Target. In fact, we use it in almost every food post we create here at Brit HQ.

Cracked Glaze Ceramic Serving Bowl, Coral ($20): For salads, pastas and the like, a good serving bowl is a must.

Threshold Decal App Plates ($13 for 3): Scroll up to the pretty pictures again — see those little patterned plates? These are them. And we love them!

Olde Thompson Del Norte Pepper Mill and Salt Shaker ($20): Keep things well-seasoned at the table, both the company (another glass of wine?) and the food!

Porcelain Pitcher($14): Keep water on hand in this elegant pitcher.

Libbey Stemless White Glass Set ($30 for 12): Clink, clink! You didn’t think we’d set up a dinner party without plenty of wine, did you? Cheers!

What are your tabletop must-haves for dinner partying? Talk to us in the comments below.

This post is a collaboration with Target Wedding Registry.