Caitlyn Jenner is having her moment 鈥 but she鈥檚 also sharing the spotlight in the process. After giving us all the feels (aka making us want to party with her) at Pride, the Vanity Fair cover girl is now diving into the editorial world shortly before the premiere of her E! docu-series I Am Cait on July 26. And so continues the Year of Caitlyn.

caitlyn jenner

Debuting the first editorial piece in her brand-new WhoSay series 鈥淭he Real Me,鈥 Caitlyn explained that these entries will explore issues and people in the LGBT community as told to and written by her. In the first article, titled 鈥淭he Journey Begins,鈥 she thanks everyone for their overwhelming positive support, touches on how she isolated herself from the transgender community for so long and shares how she feels like she has a lot of catching up to do within that community. In the post, she also writes how she feels a responsibility to 鈥渢his courageous group to try to get it right and tell all sides of the story鈥 while also asking 鈥渁m I doing it right?鈥

caitlyn jenner

Whether she feels like she is or not, it definitely appears like she is on the right path by shining a light on a community that has been long overlooked. It appears that the online editorial series will act as an expanded companion piece to the E! show, as Caitlyn writes that she will be sharing stories in the coming weeks and can鈥檛 wait for you to get to know more people in the trans community because 鈥渢hey are just like you and me.鈥 In the latest trailer for I Am Cait the Olympian is shown sharing the fact that it had only been two weeks since her transition with a group of trans women, which she highlights in the WhoSay post in further detail.

She closes 鈥淭he Journey Begins鈥 by previewing what鈥檚 to come with this online series. Caitlyn writes, 鈥淭his is the first in a series of editorials where I will discuss the serious issues and lessons that I am learning through this process. I have so much to discover and hope that you鈥檒l join me on this adventure.鈥 We definitely will and can鈥檛 wait to learn alongside you, girl <3

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(Photos via E! Online)