Attention readers, writers, and creative storytellers: We’re calling for personal essay submissions to feature on our site! From personal growth epiphanies and small triumphs to big realizations and buried truths, we know you have a story to share. We want to read it.

Both published and first-time writers are encouraged to submit. We’re open to a broad range of topics—pop culture, family dynamics, mental health, careers, love, that one song that changed your life—anything with a compelling personal angle that you want to share.

We’re also interested in the following essay topics:

  • The First Moment You Felt Like a Grown Up
  • A Thank You Note to (random person/historical figure/fictional character)
  • Your Teen Obsession (and What It Was Really All About)
  • Tiny, Everyday Rebellions
  • The One Weird Item You’ll Never Throw Out (and Why)

Send your pitches and/or unpublished essays along with a brief bio to pitch@brit.co. Bring on the brilliance!

(Image via Populaire, courtesy of The Weinstein Company)