Happy (almost) National Camera Day! Whether we’re snapping pictures with our DSLR, shaking things up with a Polaroid picture or sharing our favorite phone pics via Instagram, photography is the best way to capture and share some of our favorite moments. Here are some of our favorite accessories and camera-related products that will have you inspired to get out and shoot.


1. Lomography Camera ($89 – $109): Set down your iPhone, grab a roll of film and get your creative juices flowing with a tiny toy camera from Lomography. The Diana F+ Camera produces dreamy, lo-fi images and gives you the opportunity to play with double exposures and light leaks. Getting the film back is always a treat!


2. Camera Notebook ($12): Jot down all your epic photo ideas or just your daily to-dos in this brightly colored notebook.


3. Camera Pendant ($44): This chic black and gold camera pendant is perfect for all you photog lovers out there. You’ll want to rock this in your next #OOTD.


4. Desk Organizer ($15): With spaces to keep your pens and office supplies neat, this vintage-camera desk organizer will ensure your workspace looks clean and picture perfect.


5. Photography for Bloggers Class ($20): Take your blog photos to the next level with this class taught by photo pro Linsday Ostrom. You’ll learn DSLR basics, as well as tips for lighting and styling shoots.


6. Cute Camera Bag ($99): Get rid of your gaudy camera bag and exchange it for a more stylish option. This versatile piece from Jo Totes can be used as a crossbody bag, hip pack or insert for a larger bag.


7. Disposable Camera Hack Kit ($35): Do you still tote around disposable cameras from time to time? Then you’re going to want to get ahold of this kit. It includes a disposable camera, fisheye lens, filters and an inspirational guide with tips to take your photos to the next level. You’ll be anxious to get these developed.


8. Camera Strap ($95): With nice leather and gold accents, this strap is durable enough to keep your camera secure and safe around your neck.


9. Camera Club Tee ($25): This comfy cotton t-shirt is available in light blue or heather gray. Get one for yourself or the vintage camera aficionado in your life.


10. Photo FX Camera Kit ($25): This kit includes a pack of colored flour, a glass prism, 4 LED lights, a rainbow peephole lens and a “how-to” guide. With all that, there’s no doubt you’ll spend hours creating some pretty rad creative photos.


11. Sloths on a Vine ($12): These little cuties are ready to hang out at your desk. The pack includes six sloth clips to display your favorite Insta pics or photo booth strips.


12. Camera Pencil Sharpener ($15): This cute desk accessory may not help sharpen any actual images, but your pencils will be on point.


13. Bronte Underwater Camera ($20): This super cute water-resistant camera is the best accessory for capturing memories of beach days, lake trips and other summer activities.


14. Konstruktor DIY Camera ($39): This 35mm plastic SLR is the first of its kind. And because you assemble it yourself, you’ll learn all about the mechanics of an analog camera. It features a top-down viewfinder, multiple-exposure function and bulb setting for long exposures.


15. Vintage Cameras Print ($60): This high-quality, hand-printed poster looks great framed, but is vibrant enough to stand out on its own. Any photographer or camera nerd would love this in their home office.


16. Camera USB Drive ($20): This miniature DSLR replica has 8GB of memory and is perfect for transferring photos between your devices. You can choose between a Canon or Nikon, although in this case, you won’t have to lose friends over which product performs better.

How are you going to celebrate National Camera Day? Let us know in the comments below!