You know those really awesome friends of yours who always have a sleeping bag, a cornhole set, a bottle opener and camping chairs at the ready wherever you go? Well, this invention is about to blow those super fun friends out of the water.

Developed by SwissRoomBox, this camper car creation is like a Swiss Army knife for camping enthusiasts and road trippers. Dubbed RoomBox freeTech, this folding modular system can transform even the tiniest of hatchback cars into a fully-functional motorhome.

The perfect RV for two, the suitcase transforms into a double bed in the car, a dining table that extends out the back of the car and a countertop designed for your camping stove. And the whole thing folds right up into a suitcase… on wheels. That’s right. You could roll this thing all around town, even without a car. What!

We can imagine this being super awesome for a cross-country trip, so you don’t have to crash with friends or at hotels every single night. And for the right person, couple or family, this would be a great staple to keep in the car if you love impromptu overnight adventures.

The car edition will set you back $2,245 which is no small sum. But, if you’re avid road trippers and spend money on hotels, it’s worth doing the math to see if this would save you dollars in the long run. It could also be a fun thing to go in on with a few friends or family members, since it’s unlikely you’d use it every weekend. Either way, it’s definitely an awesome innovation. And it would be especially cool if you could get it in a package deal with your car, or if you could rent it through a car rental company just for the weekend.

Do you love road trips? Camping? Would you use something like this? Talk to us in the comments below.

(h/t Gear Junkie)