Guys, we’re excited. This is not a drill. We feature new apps quite a bit (because we lurve them), but this one might even be getting a coveted spot on our home screen. We’re talking about Camu, an iPhone photography app released just last week. Between pretty filters, bold text overlays and their awesome auto-shoot mode, this might be the only app we’ll be using for #selfiesunday from now on.

We’ve tried all the new Instagram tools, VSCO filters, overlays and other cool smartphone camera tools we’re always talkin’ ’round and ’round about, but still this brand new app is already working its way to the head of the pack. What’s so rad about it?

Well, first of all, the interface is gorgeous and intuitive. Simply swipe through and adjust filters before you take a shot, or wait and try out a new one afterwards. The super-focus feature allows you to really give depth to your pictures — beyond what you might be used to seeing from your phone.

Camu’s selfie mode is c-razy. When you need to capture your beautiful new haircut, just switch to selfie and auto-timer settings. When it stops sensing movement, the shutter will automatically take the picture. All you have to do is strike a pose and let the camera do the work.

Camu’s great for video too — all you need to do is hold the button to take video clips (no need to switch gears). You can slap on live filters and even shoot pretty sharp stop-motion-style films using just your phone.

Camu makes everything shareable, so you can send images and video privately as well as through your social media channels. Share directly to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more. You’ll be raking in the “likes.”

And last, but not least, our favorite feature is their wonderful text overlay option. You can easily add polished text to any of your pictures. They don’t have a million fonts or styling options for their overlays — they have a small set of really cute ones instead. They even have some fun auto-fill text if you’re looking for quotable inspiration. Seriously — how could you say no if you received the text above?

Check Camu out for yourself in the App Store and tag us (@britandco) in your first pic!