Sometimes a picture needs a word or two to really take it to the next level. Call it our love of memes, our inner word nerds, or our penchant for making silly things even sillier, we do love us a good typography photography combo. The thing is, sometimes text on photos can look really bad, like a botched holiday card where the only font options are Comic Sans and Curlz. Well, fear Comic Sans no longer – here are 6 great iOS apps for adding beautiful text to your favorite photos.

1. Photolettering (Free on iPhone): Created by the font makers at House Industries, this app was made with the beauty of type in mind. Choose from 3 original fonts with the free version, or pay $10 to get all 21 of House Industries’ gorgeous typefaces. From the app you can take a picture or import from your camera roll, scale, rotate, and crop, and you can even send a printed postcard. Love it.

2. Over ($1.99 on iPhone): The moment this app came out, we were all… OVER it! The app design of this one is gorgeous, features a spin wheel navigation, easy font selection, and super colorful sharing buttons. Once you import or take a photo, you can add text, move it around, edit the font, size, etc. Once you’re satisfied, the “share” button lets you export it to various social networks, email, or back to your camera roll. We dig it. .See also: Overgram, a free version of Over exclusively for Instagram.

3. Piction ($0.99 on iPhone): Next up, we’ve got Piction, a play on picture + caption. This one features 20 fonts, allows you to overlay transparent text on photos, and lets you send and download hi resolution photos, meaning you can print your photo-lettered photos as well as share them on your favorite networks.

4. Quipio (Free on iPhone): Quipio has a decidedly more ethereal, romantic vibe than the graphic ones listed so far. You can filter photos before adding text, and you can even ask the app to help you lay things out. Simply type in whatever you want to say, and the app figures out the best fonts, textures, and style options that work for the quote and selected photo.

5. Stickr ($1.99 on iPhone): Remember Pop-Up Video? The style of Stickr is like that, for your photos. Choose from 111 stickers, filter and crop your photos, and send directly to social networks from the app. We love the idea of creating a little comic strip using our Aaron a Day series.

6. iFontmaker ($6.99 for iPad): That’s right. We are writing about this one again – it’s that awesome! The price tag is on the hefty side for sure, but the fact that you can create an entire font from your handwriting is pretty darn cool. For a more in-depth look at how it works, see how Brit created her very own font.

We love the dusty vibe of these photo-lettered photos.

How do you jazz up your photos? Tell us about your favorite photography apps in the comments below!