These Are the Best Workouts for Every Part of Your Bod
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These Are the Best Workouts for Every Part of Your Bod

They say health is wealth, and fitting in regular exercise is an essential part of the plan. But for workout newbies, the fitness world can seem like a terribly intimidating place, especially when you’re crunched on time. We asked Re:Make 2015 speaker (get your tickets here!) and Blogilates founder Cassey Ho for her top tips on key fitness hacks to help us optimize our workouts. Here’s her advice.

The Best Workout for Your Butt

How to work that booty: We want to tone everything from the front to the — ahem — behind, so we asked Cassey for help. “This Natural Butt Lift workout challenge will attack every inch of your butt without doing any squats!” Cassey tells us. “It’s perfect if you only want to target the glutes.”

The Best Workout for Your Arms

How to get arms like Madonna: See biceps in no time with Cassey’s Turbo Toned Arms workout. The best part? “[It] is ONLY three minutes, but these moves will attack your chest, biceps, triceps and shoulders!” Cassey says. “It’s a total upper-body workout that will leave you burning with strong and toned muscles.”

The Best Workout for Your Abs

How to (actually) strengthen your core: A strong core is vital for less back pain, good posture and more. “This Abs in a Flash workout is quick and effective because it targets every inch of your abs by doing the BEST and most effective Pilates ab exercises,” Cassey tells us.

The Best Workout for Your Legs

How to squat your way to powerful legs: Eff the thigh gap, but you probably still want strong legs. “The Inner Thigh Challenge doesn’t only hit your inner thighs, but it truly targets every part of your leg,” Cassey says. “You get strength training and muscle building combined with cardio for lean and sexy leg muscles.”

The Best Workout for Your Brain

We’re kidding. Kind of… But Cassey’s #1 no-no while working out is being on your phone, so lose it and actually enjoy your workout. Now drop and give us 20!

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