A dreamy summer vacation is one yearly tradition that usually lives up to the hype. Warm weather and a bucket list location are a pretty solid combo. Unfortunately, airlines are aware of this, and in turn crank up prices during the hottest months of the year. If your heart says yes but your wallet says no, the upcoming seasonal shift might just bring some good news for that adventurous, albeit sparse travel budget of yours.

Woman with tourist map on Gran Canaria island

In a recent interview with Patrick Surry, chief data scientist at Hopper (a travel app that tracks more than three billion airfare price data points), told CNBC, “We think airfares will drop, on average, more than 8 percent through October.” During the month of July, domestic tickets averaged around $232, but Hopper predicts those fares will drop to $213 round trip by the month of October.

Why the drop in price? It’s simply a supply and demand situation. Summer is prime travel time. As people start stuffing their suitcases back under their beds, airlines are creating a dip in prices to encourage customers to fly. “We’re seeing more flash fare sales where carriers offer tickets for half price for a limited period of time. […] They need to fill these planes even if it means selling seats at lower prices.”

Our advice: Make sure you’re on the mailing list for all major airlines, DL the Hopper app to see when you should book (PS I swear by this app!) and start planning that travel itinerary.

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