The 17 Best Cheeky Mugs to Sip on This Fall
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The 17 Best Cheeky Mugs to Sip on This Fall

It’s the mug life for us, as we have a major addiction to mugs of all shapes and sizes — especially when they have a cheeky saying on the front. Discovering a cutesy coffee mug that motivates you to tackle the day is oh so very important, and autumn is the time to pick up a new one and fill it to the rim with a bit of pumpkin spice cheer. Scroll down to see our 17 sassy mugs guaranteed to put you in a fall state of mind.

1. PooSparkles Bye Felicia Mug ($13): Who’s got time for negative morning vibes? Warn off the haters before nine o’clock with this Sasha-Fierce-esque ”Bye Felicia” calligraphy mug.

2. PooSparkles Unicorn Tears Mug ($13): Drinking from a colorful polka-dot coffee cup is like attending a unicorn party every morning. We learned from Harry Potter that unicorns are sacred animals never meant to be slain, but we’re giggling at the thought of sipping unicorn tears.

3. Shop Nylon Females Are Strong As Hell ($18): Good morning, doll face! Take morning advice from The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and “smile; you’ll feel better.” Now, go ahead and go be awesome.

4. Shop Nylon Ugh As If! Mug ($17): Ugh, where would you be without your cup o’ joe in the morning? You’d be Clueless — that’s for sure! This Cher-inspired mug has us totally buggin’.

5. Moon & Lola Uh Huh Honey Mug ($18): Are you a pop-culture junkie? This ”Uh Huh Honey” mug emphasizes your passion for all things that go pop. Plus, Kim K and Kayne could really use some support right about now.

6. Perks of Aurora Help Me. I’m Poor. Mug ($18): Buying all those PSLs every day will drain your bank account faster than you can mutter ”pumpkin patch.” Luckily, this panhandler-chic mug featuring Kristen Wiig’s hilarious Bridesmaids line can help you earn a few coins before you head to the office.

7. PooSparkles I Like Cats Mug ($13): We just don’t like cats — we love ’em! Way to state the obvious every morning with the purrfect coffee cup. Do you think cats like pumpkin spice muffins to go along with their breakfast?

8. VitaziDesigns Gilmore Girls Mug ($14): We don’t know about you, but we’ve been drinking (rather, guzzling) coffee like a Gilmore since the early 2000s. Now, you can show off your GG pride (and deep love for coffee) with this “Drinking Coffee Like a Gilmore” mug on a daily basis.

9. Ashley Brooke Designs Don’t Panic Mug ($23): This will be your go-to Monday morning mug. Keep calm and sip on with your mug’s reassurance that everything is going to be a-okay. Hey, if you’re still a ball of nerves, treat yourself to some peppermint treats along with your coffee to help sooth your worries.

10. Perks of Aurora She Doesn’t Even Go Here! Mug ($18): Make every day (not just October 3) Mean Girls Day with this epic java cup. Not a morning person? Totally okay, as this mug throws some serious morning shade.

11. Moon and Lola #Flawless Mug ($18): Morning or night, makeup or no makeup, you’re #flawless. Be Beyoncé every morning as you fill your cup up with a dose of Sasha Fierce.

12. The A Boss Mug ($14): Be the boss babe that you are every day while sipping from The Boss’s mug. Don’t want to talk in the morning? No worries, you’re the boss. What you say goes.

13. Moon and Lola I’d Rather Be Sleeping Mug ($18): Let this mug and your bunny slippers do all of the gabbing, as it’s clear you’re much nicer after you’ve had a 12-hour nap. Sleep on, Sleeping Beauty, sleep on.

14. PooSparkles Coffee Because Adulting Is Hard Mug ($13): Hey, we get it. It’s hard to rise, shine and be a productive adult every day. This mug sympathizes with you 100 percent. Hopefully, a bit of morning humor takes the sting out of your work commute. Would a slice of pumpkin bread make you feel better too?

15. Ashley Brook Designs More Sugar Mug (12): More sugar, please! Those three little words start the day in the sweetest way. Whether you ask for an extra spoonful of sugar for your java, a kiss from your boo or a rainbow bagel to go, we’ve got you.

16. PooSparkle Britney Spears Survived 2007, You Can Survive Today ($13): We love our homegirl Britney, and just knowing that she overcame hard times gives us the strength to power through today. You got this!

17. VinylThingzEvents Lorelai Gilmore Quote Mug ($12+): Coffee drinkers can always call on the coffee Queen B, Lorelai Gilmore, for the best caffeine quotes. Keep Lorelai’s words of wisdom nearby with a mug (or two) of her most famous coffee sayings.

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