Theories (and conspiracies) around Kim Kardashian’s robbery are as varied as the reactions to the super scary incident. While some assume it’s a random act of opportunity, others think that the family themselves may have orchestrated the entire sitch for publicity or insurance, while still more (jokers) think Taylor Swift may have been in on it. But the Paris police have a different theory — they think it was an inside job.

Kim Kardashian

Parisian police are apparently looking closely at anyone who had knowledge of Kim’s whereabouts at the specific time of the robbery for a very key reason. There was only a very small window of time when Kim was alone, and therefore much more vulnerable.

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Not only did she have friends over earlier in the night, but her bodyguard, Pascal, is usually by her side 24/7. To the point where she jokes about it on social media. But at the time of the robbery, Pascal wasn’t there.

Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner

Kourtney and Kendall, who were also in Paris, had hopped out to a nearby nightclub, and since Kim had turned in for the night, the bodyguard went with the other sisters to protect them.

While you might assume this means the Kardashian bodyguard was the culprit, TMZ reports, “The Kardashians are in no way suggesting the bodyguard was in on it… in fact, they say they know he wasn’t.”

However, they do think it was an insider who leaked the info. “[T]hey are convinced someone tipped off the robbers to strike at precisely the moment they could get in and out without detection.” Scary stuff!

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(h/t TMZ; photos via Dimitrios Kambouris, Jamie McCarthy, Chris Weeks/Getty)