Holidays are coming in hot, and I鈥檓 not complaining! I鈥檓 the type of person who starts listening to Christmas music in September, so I鈥檓 ecstatic thinking about December, when it鈥檚 socially acceptable to be in the holiday spirit. I鈥檒l definitely decorate my home with snow globes and stockings, but this year, I want to make a big statement.

Though I want to go big with holiday decor, I don鈥檛 want to break the bank. (I need to save money for all the gift giving!). Enter the best and least expected decor item: paper plates. The Brit + Co line for Cheeky is perfect for all types of holiday entertaining. You can find our Cheeky products in Target stores and at for a limited time. We designed a beautiful (and inexpensive) party backdrop with Cheeky paper plates in the fall, and today we crafted the most epic Christmas wreath out of Cheeky products. Read on!


With so much wow-factor, you won鈥檛 believe how easy this wreath is to make. We just taped gold letter balloons to spell out a holiday-esque phrase in the middle, and taped honeycombs, more balloons and, of course, Cheeky plates around the phrase to form a wreath. So. Much. Merriment!


Layer the plates over each other to add extra dimension and pattern play.


Who knew that paper plates, balloons and honeycombs could make such a festive statement?


Fine holiday fun.


Even Pablo Escobarkk is impressed.


鈥r is he?

Be merry Pablo, it鈥檚 the holidays!

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DIY Production and Styling: Irene Lee

Photography: Tory Putnam