Have you ever looked at a holiday snow globe and thought — that looks delicious? Okay fine, you probably haven’t, but after today you will! We’ve taken the cuteness of a snow globe and combined it with the delicious flavors of candy to create an edible snow globe. Make these with your kiddos or your pals to create festive holiday decor that isn’t just nice to look at, but tasty too! Check out the tutorial below.



– sugar (enough to fill a cup or vase halfway)

– mini gingerbread house

– sugar-coated candy (an assorted mix)

– mini candy canes

– mini frosted trees (not for consumption)



1. Pour sugar into a cup or vase, filling it half way.

2. Add candy and other decorative elements to create a small scene.


These are like miniature dioramas in a snow-filled scene.


Your guests are going to love these adorable edible winter scenes. Just be sure to tell them what is edible and what is not! Though those trees might work well as toothpicks… :)

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DIY Production and Styling: Kelly Bryden

Photography: Brittany Griffin