We’re in the midst of that awkward transitional weather that you get in spring. You know the kind. It’s warm in the daytime, so the furnace has been switched off, yet there’s a nip in the air in the evening, making us want to snuggle under a soft throw while we Netflix cheat on our S.O. It’s time to break out the hardy soup, stew and chili recipes. Though it seems like a fall food, chili is perfect this time of year. It’s rich and spicy and serves up hot but not heavy. We love it, too, that it cooks up in a single pot. Chili is a great make-ahead meal. Just cook up a big batch, then heat it up as needed. Here are 12 chili recipes that are good enough to win your next cook-off — including Paleo, vegetarian and vegan options.

Given the fact that it is a one-pot wonder, you may want to break out the slow cooker. Prep all your ingredients the night before, dump them in the pot and set the timer. While you’re working away, your chili will be cooking away. You’ll come home to a heavenly scented apartment and a home-cooked meal. Here are 20 chili recipes to warm your hearth at night, and our favorite is a scratch-made recipe that has been adapted for a slow cooker.

Over at Simply Scratch, Laurie McNamara is cooking up a crock pot taco chili that is everything you’ve ever wanted in a bowl of warm spicy goodness — fire-roasted tomatoes, sweet corn and chopped green chilis over ground beef. Laurie recommends pairing her chili with a homemade corn cake, but you can also scoop it up with corn chips. Delicious!

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(Photo via Simply Scratch)