In freezing temps, fashion can quickly become low priority. Warmth is key. If that means walking around all day in a long puffer coat that slightly resembles the Michelin Man then so be it. But when you’re hanging out in the snow at a star studded event like Sundance Film Festival, celebs have to get creative when trying to blending practicality and style on the endless red carpets. Case in point: this bonnet Chloë Sevigny recently sported at a Planned Parenthood event in Park City, UT on Sunday.

Lena Dunham And Planned Parenthood Host Sex, Politics & Film Cocktail Reception - Park City 2016

The indie darling has always been one to defy fashion boundaries but this look took things to a whole new level. Chloë paired her sequined bonnet (or okay, detached hood) with an aviator leather jacket. We’re not going to lie, upon first glance the fur collar and headwear definitely resembled something akin to a low-key dog costume.

Did the snow ruin Chloë’s perfect hair? Was the red carpet freezing AF? We’ll never know. What we do know is that Chloë has a magical ability to make even the randomest of fashion trends look cool. And for that, we love her.

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(Photo via Nicholas Hunt/Jason Merritt/Getty)