First, there was paint that looked like ice cream. Now there’s chocolate that looks like paint! In this installment of Made Us Look, we present the latest product to merge the culinary and design worlds in the most insanely imaginative way.

The Japanese-based design studio Nendo is the visionary behind this amazing edible art, which was designed as a limited edition item for the Seibu Department store in Japan. The set of 12 chocolates is shaped to look like beautiful tubes of oil paint packaged in a sleek brown gift box. Each tube contains a different flavor syrup, from fruity melon and blueberry to sweet honey and vanilla, that’s meant to match the vivid color on each piece’s wrapper (the only part that isn’t edible).

We have to say, this is an enormous step up from those liquor bottle-shaped chocolates that ooze out booze! These chocolate “oil paints” certainly aim to please a design-minded crowd with a more refined palette.

This isn’t Nendo’s first foray into the world of mind warping chocolatiering: they designed a chocolate pencil set back in 2007, complete with a “pencil sharpener” that carved fine chocolate shavings. In either of these product descriptions, there’s no mention of the quality level of the chocolate, or if the fillings are made with all-natural ingredients, or anything like that—but that’s not the point. These creations are all about the element of surprise, reveling in the excitement of the unexpected, and adding a whimsical touch to life’s extra special moments.

What do you think of these oil paint shaped chocolates? Are there any other high design products that we should know about? Tell us in the comments below!