Feast your eyes on… frozen paint! We know. You totally want to eat it, because who wouldn’t want to eat neon ice cream? This next installment of Made Us Look is like literal eye candy, on cones, in ice cream sandwiches, and with a ridiculous amount of color.

London-based interiors and prop stylist Emily Blunden is the ice-cream-loving visionary behind this cool photography series. The project started as a pipe dream for marketing two new collections of Dulux paints. Blunden wondered, could frozen paint be turned into fake ice cream the same way ice cream is made?

The answer? Yes.

Each of these “ice cream” colors was hand-churned, just like a batch of ice cream. Props like popsicle sticks, cones, and and milkshake glasses were assembled, colors were mixed, and this sort of crazy idea for a photo shoot came to life.

As you can see, the palette for Collective Passions is all about brights, neons, and summer.

I mean, how delicious do these popsicles look? We wonder if the sprinkles are made out of paint too.

On the more neutral side of things, we have Timeless Classics, with your beiges, off-whites, dusty greens, and more.

We love how these almost look like popsicle specimens, complete with a wooden display tray and scientific-style label.

Now, the only question is: How can we accomplish such bright and rich hues with actual ice cream? Food coloring can only go so far…

What do you think of this project? What other cool food-meets-art photos have you seen lately? Talk to us in the comments below.