Amidst the holiday traffic and aggressive shopping crowds, it can be easy to get swept up in the chaos of the holiday season. But if you can forget about all that for a moment and take a step back, there is a certain magic that has to be appreciated about this special time of year. The roaring fireplaces, the hypnotic carols, the dreamy color schemes… it might seem like a crazy time to fit in a wedding, but if you can manage it, a Christmas ceremony could be the most romantic event of the season. Whether you’re thinking of throwing an event on the day or just using it as your theme, here are 25 ways to dip your day in the holiday spirit.

1. Green Wedding Gown: Stray from tradition and embrace the season with a unique wedding dress. This Australian bride in forest green sequins looks drop dead gorgeous. (via The Simple Things Studio)

2. Natural Table Runner: Whether you’re able to host your event outdoors or the winter weather keeps you inside, create a super lush tablescape with a runner made from fragrant pine tree leaves and red roses. (via The Bride Link)

3. Christmas Champagne: Pop some red raspberries and star shaped apple pieces into champagne and use it as your signature, Christmas-themed drink. This could also be super delicious to create as a sweet white wine sangria. (via So Shay Photography)

4. Holiday Invites: Keep the overall appearance of your invites subtle with an elegant font and neutral colors and add a festive touch with a classic holiday phrase — also, adding in a cookie is a sure-fire way to get an RSVP. (via Maru Photography)

5. Pinecone Card Holder ($40): Add a woodsy, winter touch to your tables with these adorable pinecone card holders. Invite guests to take them home and use them as recipe or picture holders.

6. Winter Beauty: Walk down the aisle feeling like a snow princess in this crown made from holly and winter leaves. The unique cascading element of this crown will look beautiful with tossled curls. (via Callie Hobbs Photography)

7. Glowing Archway: Nothing says Christmas quite like glowing strands of lights. Cover your altar in the sparkly stuff or just make a point to use them in your reception venue to add an instant holiday vibe. (via Anna K Photography)

8. Hot Chocolate Bar: Host a hot chocolate bar where guests can choose which variation of the drink they’d like to sip on. Some delicious hot cocoa combos to get you started: chocolate mint, salted caramel, Mexican hot chocolate… the possibilities are endless. (via And Now This)

9. Christmas Napkins: Here’s a cheap way to dress up plain white napkins: wrap up them up with a cinnamon stick, a bunch of holly and rustic twine. (via En Route Photography)

10. Mistletoe Magic: Have mistletoe hanging over your wedding altar or throw some over your head as you and your new spouse have your first kiss. These bundles are very easy to make, but if you’d rather not worry about it you can also buy the frosted bunch for about $40. (via Etsy)

11. Holly and Mistletoe Invitation ($20+): Keep things very classically Christmas with this printable invite featuring delicate script and vintage illustrations.

12. Ornament Escorts: Escort guests to their seats by attaching their name to an ornament. Keep the tree decorations classic like the ones featured in this picture, or get them personalized for guests to keep as a memento from your wedding. (via Caroline Frost Photography)

13. Christmas Chap: Give your groom a touch of holiday cheer with this winter-ready boutonniere that’s Christmasy but not too in-your-face. (via Tpoz Photography)

14. Swedish Inspiration: If a sequined green dress a little too wild for you, take some inspiration from the Swedes in a charming outfit like this bride. Pop a fair isle sweater on over your dress and complete the look with braided updo that’s interwoven with a red ribbon. (via Amorology)

15. Peppermint Cake: Put a Christmas spin on a red velvet cake by encrusting it in candy canes. Prepare to see lots of frosting-less cakes in the future. (via Kate Botwinski)

16. Ornament Invite: Go full Christmas on this thing and send out your invite INSIDE an ornament. Woah. (via Two Twenty One)

17. Sleigh Ride: Forget the car with the trailing empty cans — ride into the sunset with your SO on a horse-drawn sleigh. (via Rebekah Westover Photography)

18. Blanket Bucket: If you’re hosting an outdoor ceremony in winter, keep guests warm by putting out a bucket of blankets. If you really want to go the extra mile, have a fire pit and place these blankets nearby to create a “warming station.” (via Orchard Cove Photography)

19. Winter Bouquet: Match that pretty winter crown with this beautiful bouquet that uses the same assortment of Christmas-colored leaves and plants. (via Anais Stoelen Photography)

20. Woodsy Dessert: A Christmas cake to top all Christmas cakes. Pair this tree stump stand with the pinecone place holders for decor that’s a perfect balance between woodsy and Christmas-themed. (via Callie Hobbs Photography)

21. Enchanted Tabletop: Romantic much? Host your reception in a log cabin and set up this dreamy tablescape and we’re guessing you’re going to have a hard time getting guests to ever leave. We sure wouldn’t. (via Tree of Life Films)

22. Flanneled Fella: Ditch the stiff, formal shirt. Dress your dude in a classic red flannel for a unique outfit that’s cozy and totally on theme. If he’s really feeling brave, swap out the black suit for a hunter green one. (via Haley Sheffield)

23. Christmas Cracker: Throw some Christmas crackers on plates to pay homage to the classic English tradition. If you’re not familiar with the holiday treat, here’s how it works: Two people pull each end, and when it pops open, you’ll find a hidden treasure inside. (via Annamarie Atkins)

24. California Christmas: Put a desert spin on the Christmas theme by incorporating the green color element with succulents. (via Leo Patrone Photography)

25. Pine Leaf Wreath: Flip two wreaths on their side, tie them together with some red or gold ribbon and you’ve got a holiday-ready chandelier. (via Amorology)

Are you planning a Christmas or New Year’s wedding? What holiday elements are you incorporating? Share your ideas with us in the comments below.