When you grab a soda, you’re well-aware you may not be making the healthiest choice. Granted, you could always opt for a Diet Coke, a Coke Zero, or even a Coke Life, but now there’s a new option called Coke Plus. And what makes it so special? Well, it happens to have added fiber. Yep, added fiber… in your Coca Cola.

Diet Coke

Coke Plus is basically a Diet Coke with five grams of fiber added to the mix. Yum?

According to the Business Insider, CEO James Quincey, their latest innovation is part of an initiative to add “functional beverages” to their collection. And while that would obviously suggest cutting back on the sugar and/or caffeine, apparently adding fiber is something that Coke feels that their customers would totally appreciate. Hence, Coke Plus.

Coke Plus

While the drink has been available in Japan since February, there are (unfortunately? thankfully?) no current plans to bring it to the US, so it looks like we’ll still have to get our fiber the old fashioned way for the time being.

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(h/t The Cut; photos via George Frey/Getty, Coca Cola)