When it comes to snacks, there are people who are content to nosh on the tried and true, such as tortilla chips or popcorn, and then there are those who take their eats to extremes (we鈥檙e looking at you, rainbow glitter pizza fans!). Junk food enthusiasts in South Korea are officially part of the latter category after we discovered the limited-edition Pringles flavor they鈥檙e offering up, which you can buy on eBay *right now.*

Say hello to the Cola-flavored Pringle! Spotted by the food aficionados over at Candy Hunting, the chip combines all the saltiness of a Pringle with all the fizzy goodness of a refreshing cola, sure to leave your mouth totally confused.

If you鈥檙e taste buds are tingling, never fear: You can purchase the flavor single can ($10) or in a group of five ($47), along with four other brow-raising flavors, which include cheeseburger, mayo cheese, butter caramel, and 鈥 wait for it 鈥 yogurt.

These aren鈥檛 the first odd flavor combos Pringles has cooked up in its day 鈥 far from. In 2016, the company offered Japanese fans iconic Japanese food flavored chips Karage (spicy fried chicken) and Octopus balls (ew!), and we鈥檝e also seen everything from White Chocolate Mocha to Pumpkin Pie Spice stateside.

Considering the alternatives, this Cola flavor doesn鈥檛 sound so bad 鈥 maybe we鈥檒l give it a go after all!

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(Photo via eBay)